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A little bit of history of Girevoy Sport in Russia.

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By Balaganov - Posted on 08 July 2010

In 1948 All- Soviet Union Competition of Strongman was held in Moscow, which was attended by winners of Republican competitions of all 15 Soviet republics. Competitions were held in four weight categories: 60, 70, 80 and over 80 kg.

Contestants performed Snatch one hand and Jerk of two kettlebells from the chest, there were no rules, no time limit, it’s allowed to press and push-press. In addition, athletes competed in the weightlifting exercises with a barbell: Press and Jerk with both hands. The purpose of this competition was to attract young talented athletes to Olympic Weightlifting.. However, the way "through the kettlebels to the bar" did not prove itself. Olympic Weightlifting at this time has made great strides in the USSR and internationally. To achieve better results, athletes need to be more narrow specialization, so often the choice was made in favor of Olympic Weightlifting. This sport had already well established system of training and competition, also was included in Unified Sports Classification System. Olympic Weightlifter could become a Master of sports of USSR, which are particularly attracted young people. Nothing like that happened in the Girevoy Sport. In the 50-s in USSR training with Kettlebells continued gain popularity among rural youth, fishermen, farmers, soldiers of the Soviet Army and Navy. Competitions were held in the form of Strongman competitions, there were no rules, no classification standards. However, interest in this truly the national sport has never waned. From the book “Girevoy Sport” V.A.Polyakov, V.I.Voropaev, 1988

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Was it so that Long cycle was born in 1989? It is quite new then.

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Yes,absolutely correct,Long Cycle was offered by Y.M Zaitcev enthusiast of Girevoy Sport.
The first time Long Cycle was tested successfully during First Cup of Girevoy Sport of USSR in 1989.The same year the competition time was set to 10 min.Before that it was unlimited,athletes were doing one cycle for 10-12 sec and stay on the platform for 45-50 min.


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